Street drummer

Ajk Širca from Izola often plays his drums in public, just by the road. Most people turn their radios down when passing with open windows.

World Champion

Dejan Zavec kept his world champion title against Argentinian Martinez in Ljubljana. Finally I got my “raging bull” material.

London bricks

Published yesterday in Tribuna, a newspaper with fresh and inovative graphic design applied to photo-reportage.

Ski jumping

Jumpers at world championship event in Planica. Planica jump in Slovenia is the biggest in the world… holding the record of 239 meters.


Today’s work for sport website … I was still impressed by yesterday’s lecture by Christopher Morris. This is training of an acrobatic club Frogs.


My photos came into selection for “EMZIN-Photo of the year”. No award, but photos are on exhibition in Cankarjev dom until 7th March.