A collection of still motives, photographed during the breaks at work. For example – a broom used at judo training.


Not new, but last year’s unseen shots that I took by the way while working on “Urban nomads”, a story about squatters.


First snow has fallen! Combination of this and last year’s photos from the Alps. These are shots from Slovenia, Austria and Italy.


Portraits of fighters in the backstage of World Freefight Tournament, seconds before going into the ring.


Opening of my mini exhibition will be on wednesday, 16/12/09, in Metropol CaffĂ© in Ljubljana. The theme is “blue&gray”, photos of brazilian everyday.

Banana ship

Bananas come to Europe mostly from Ecuador. This ship brought 2142 tons of bananas to Port of Koper in Slovenia.

Surf Medulin

Slovenian surf championship was held in Croatia. The waves were not as big as the other day, and the water was colder, but guys were still having fun.


A classic match between two slovenian teams. Shot with 500mm f4,5 lens that I borrowed. This is the reason for today’s gallery.